You Might Be a Love Addict If…

by Alicia Dattner on April 20, 2012

You might be a love addict if your heart looks like this...I’ve written a little a quiz worthy of Jeff Foxworthy… (you know, the guy who did the bit, “You might be a redneck if…”)  it’s nice to bring a little humor into the topic of love, sex, and relationship addiction.. God, I still can’t believe I’m blogging about this in public. So here are a few sample questions. This wee quiz can help you make absolutely sure you’re not even close to being addicted to love or sex and have no need whatsoever to consider seeking help for your suffering. Don’t worry–if you might be addicted, you can laugh your way into recovery!

You Might Be a Love Addict If….

1. When you were ten, your favorite thing to do with friends was:

A) Stuff socks in our shirts to see what having boobs will looks like. And choreograph sexy dance routines to Madonna’s Material Girl.
B) Sew patchwork quilts!
C) Work on the photovoltaic project for the science fair.
D) What friends? …I was in my room making out with my pillow.

2. You fall in love:

A) At first sight.
B) Truly, madly, deeply.
C) Only fools fall in love.
D) I don’t fall in love… I walk into love, gently, slowly, step by step.

3. When someone rejects you after a date, you:

A) Well, I just figure, we’re not a match. Some people like pizza, some people like Chinese. He was a pizza guy. Come to think of it, he was an actual pizza guy, so I wasn’t that into him anyway.
B) Am so relieved. I don’t know what I would do if he was actually interested in me. He might find out how boring and needy and insecure I really am. Shoot, I’m lucky.
C) No one rejects me. It’s not possible. I mean, look at me!
D) Seriously. No one rejects me. Read my lips. Come a little closer. No one has ever said no.

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