What to do in the middle of a meltdown

by Alicia Dattner on November 30, 2011

When I was deep into my love addiction, there were times when I would get so upset with a situation, or myself, that I would literally start to feel the wheels in my brain spinning out, smoking coming out of my ears, daggers from my eyes, fire from my throat. There were usually several factors that contributed to the meltdown moment, including things like not getting enough sleep, not eating fabulously healthy food, or realizing I hadn’t spent time with friends in a week.

But what to do when the meltdown is in progress? I feel the most important thing is to calm the nervous system. Addictions are born, to some extent, through the cultivation of negative intensity. The worse things get, the more exciting and juicy it is, and the more “fuel” we have to really amp up how much we have been wronged. So during a meltdown in progress there are lots of things you can do:

  • take deep, full breaths
  • drink warm water or soothing tea
  • use a flower essence like Rescue Remedy
  • put on gentle music
  • watch some youtube videos that make you laugh
  • call a friend who is supportive and non-judgmental (but not someone who you may have any love interest with)
  • say a prayer or repeat a word like “love”
  • when you have calmed down enough, channel some of your intensity into a creative pursuit that expresses how you feel

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