The Post-Valentine’s Day Massacre, Part 2

by Alicia Dattner on February 16, 2012

I Love Me on Valentine's DayThis year, I happen to have a boyfriend, and we were both busy on Valentine’s Day–I had a comedy show and he had a telesummit–and we basically postponed Valentine’s Day for later. It’s funny–the day sort of passed un-noticed to a large extent in comparison with how it used to be before I went into recovery. The thing is, it’s a deceptive holiday…

We can be fooled with the hullabaloo and distracted by the pink candy hearts. But it’s not such an innocent holiday. Whether you’re long-term single, partnered, or mourning an ending, this is an intense day that can bring up deep emotions. Feelings of unworthiness, memories of pain from the past, and even childhood wounds from dysfunctional family life. And they often show up after the holiday is over. (It did for me.)

So I encourage you to treat yourself really well in the coming week. Notice the moments and places you find yourself expecting something from someone else, and just breathe in that moment. Breathe into all the holding and waiting and hoping and let it be really ok to be exactly where you are.

Don’t even try too hard to love yourself. Just open up to the love that’s surrounding you–the love of the sun that warms you, the love of the trees that give you shade, the love of the earth’s atmosphere which keeps the air you’re breathing in tight next to the earth. And know it’s all ok.

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