The Post-Valentine’s Day Massacre, Part 1

by Alicia Dattner on February 16, 2012

Post-Valentine's Day

The Post-Valentine's Day Massacre

Have you ever heard, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and thought, “Same to you too, buddy.“?

To tell you the truth, I don’t actually remember many Valentine’s Days since fourth grade when we’d all hand out our 30 Snoopy cards to all the kids in the class. Why don’t I remember them?

See, Recovering alcoholics say New Year’s Eve is “amateur night” for drinkers. Meaning, as real alcoholics, they got drunk in style any night of the year. Well, Valentine’s Day is the holiday for love addicts’ that’s equivalent of New Year’s Eve. We obsess about love, expect people to bring us flowers, and get disappointed every day of the year!

Valentine’s Day is the one day each year when all the “amateurs” try on the knock-down, drag-out love affair with love and make themselves sick. It’s a country-wide binge, complete with chocolate-induced brain fog, speed dating singles events, and wearing pink to work.

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