“Best Local Comedian”
-East Bay Express, Best of the Bay 2011

“Best of the Fringe”
-San Francisco Fringe Festival 2008

“Dattner is charming, likable, and funny.”
-LA Theater Review

“Goofy, messy, and fun!”
– SF Weekly

“Best Female Solo Show”
-San Francisco Fringe Festival 2008

“Best Storyteller”
-NY United Solo Festival

“Roar of the Crowd Award” for Highest Member-Rated Show
-Goldstar Events

“This show was HILARIOUS and profound. There were times I was bent over laughing. It’s official, i’m now an Alicia Dattner fan. –Audience Member

“Alicia is a hilariously talented performer full of pizazz, ebullient heart and irreverence! Poignancy & urbane indignation we can all relate to…You’ll love this quixotic quest for enlightenment!”
-Audience Member

“Alicia’s show is a spiritual experience! I was enlightened at least three times. In fact, I may have died laughing. I wanna do it again!”
-Boston B.

“My face hurts from smiling and laughing.” -Aimee

“My cheeks are tingling from laughing and smiling so hard. Loved it. Love it Alicia Dattner. She turned the pants off me. Not literally.” -Marny Culpepper

“Second time. We see it again in a second. Six hurt from laughter and heart is so deeply touched and open. The previous fragilis of life and our true vulnerable humanness – Alicia touches upon it like no other and gives me permission to be my full self. But yeah!” -Erin Delaney

“A magnificent evening, a treasure to have this space. Thank you.”

“So touching and fun.”

“Alicia probes the depths of the female psych – and survives exclamation also show – bravo.”

“I laughed so hard I cried… Twice!”

“When she muscles were cramping from laughing so much!” – Adam Koren

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