The Oy to Joy Performance Workshop!

(Are you ready to stop obsessing about love and find life fun again?)

Join the adventure to recover your sense of Self, sense of  perspective, and sense of humor!

From Alicia Dattner
San Francisco, CA

Dear Fellow Romantic,

Do you love… love? I mean, is it the thing that gets you up in the morning? The thing that drives you to do all the other things? Do you ever feel like loving someone else (or a lot of someone else’s has caused you to lose your sense of self? Like some rogue part of you believes that other people have the Love, and you need It from them?

I did. Like a marionette, I spent 15 years letting love, relationships, and sex pull my inner puppet strings. I was pretty miserable. I spent all my time making myself seem incredibly cool, sexy, and interesting to other people. But one day I realized the truth: that everything I did was an elaborately crafted attempt to get men to love me. And damn, that was a lot of work.

Marionette of AddictionI realized that if I kept going on that path of falling in love with everyone and everything but myself, I was going to die with my music still left inside me. So I wrote a comedy show about the pain of love addiction, and it changed my life. 

I don’t want you to die with your “music still inside you.” You are innately gifted and talented. You are powerfully intense. You are pulsating with aliveness. You have a gift to bring to the world. It may be covered over with layers of gunk, but that still small voice is always calling to you to be heard. Like in The Fly. Help me! Help me! Can you hear it?

And so I invite you to:

The Oy to Joy Performance Workshop

7 weeks of intense aliveness, deep acceptance, and righteous truth-telling that culminates in a life-changing comedic performance you bring to the world!


You know there is an f-ing powerhouse inside you waiting to be unleashed… but you need a way to access it. And everything you’ve tried up to now is so serious, heavy. You’re sick of all the hollow self-help affirmation bullshit that pumps you up with a lot of high-energy “you can change your whole life this instant!” stuff, but ignores what’s really going on and leaves you more obsessed and depressed than before.

Woman Uses Humor to Lighten Her Load

You know what you need is some kind of divine crowbar to pry you from your seriousness so you can get on with your life, right? But how?

Survey says? Levity! Humor is the divine tool that pries our ego from its death-grip. It’s Spirit’s gift to us… it allows us to look at the most painful, dark shit deep inside us and helps us trick ourselves into seeing what’s beautiful, good, and true in every moment.

Comedy: the culmination of The Oy to Joy Workshop

Oy to Joy ends in a comedic storytelling evening with the performance that YOU create and share with friends and loved ones. Each week, you’ll unlock a new key piece of your story, and you’ll be finding the humor inside the struggle.

Want a taste of how Alicia turns her pain into laughter?

If your heart says, “YES!” but your brain says, “Meh. I dunno…”
Here is some reassurance for your mind: You’ll get results you can count on.

I can guarantee you that if you put your heart into this experience, it will serve you well. So well, in fact, it will provide exactly the shift you want to make … both internally AND externally as expressed through your relationships with others.

Turn your romantic “sob story” into a “romantic comedy”

Become hilarious: learn to use laughter as your key tool for transformation

Learn to instantly stop obsessing about love so you can uncover your true voice and power

Experience love, acceptance, and support in community

Ignite your inner self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love

Burn off your old karma of guilt, fear, and resentment about your exes

Attract the kind of man you’d actually want to be with, just by being you


Don’t just take my word for it. Let folks tell you in their own words…

If you are ready to get off the fence and commit to going higher and deeper–and lighter–it is your time to do this work.
If you want more from your relationships, more from yourself, and more from your Source, it is your time to do this work.
If you’re tired of coming from the place of ‘But I want more!’ … then it is your time to create more, by beginning our work together.

Deep Bliss Laughter Yoga October 2011

 “Alicia is a very gifted facilitator. I am grateful to have met her.”



How does it work?
Here are the steps we’ll take together:

  1. Find out what’s not working and how to shift it. With the help of your trusted Source, you can begin to recognize and accept what hasn’t been working.
  2. Surrender. If how you’ve been doing things so far isn’t working, surrender is a nice option. Kidding. It’s the only option – ha ha!
  3. Feel DeeplyAck! Feelings! What the heck do you do with those? Well, you may be familiar with the ol’ drama-queen Feelings with a capital F. But what we’re digging for here are the feelings underneath.
  4. Start creating again. From this place of perspective, we can begin to tell new, spacious stories to ourselves and others about our love lives.
  5. Start laughing again. Your truth can sometimes be hard to look at. But bringing in compassion is key. Laughter is deep compassion Laughter increases pain tolerance,strengthens the immune system, and releases endorphins and oxytocin.
  6. Recognize your brilliance. You are a child of the Universe. And I don’t mean that you should join a commune and start wearing beads. You’re a brilliant star, waiting to shine.
  7. Live your new story! As you venture forth into the world with your new story, you create a new trajectory for your life. Not only that, you’ll begin to see a whole new kind of life where the story actually doesn’t even matter any more.

Woman looking to the light, ready for change


Still wondering if it’s time to finally let go
and love your life?

You’ve heard the cliche a million times, “Before you love someone else, you have to love yourself and your own life first.” Have you ever thought, “Well, no one ever frickin’ taught me how! I just don’t get how.” This process will not only show you how to love yourself, it will also teach you how to love others. And if you’re ready to let go, you can find what you’re looking for.

Astrologer Paul Bogle

“The recent visit from my family, went very smoothly and everyone seemed much more comfortable before, during and after our visit. There is nothing else to ‘explain’ what seems to be a healing from the family trauma, but I suppose the family constellation work and the voice-dialog work we did together is really having an effect on the whole family system.”
– Paul Bogle, Astrologer


So… are you feelin’ it right now?


Thinking about changing your lifeAre you feeling that inner tug that knows there is some irrefutable truth here? That you are in the right place? That no matter how you got here … something’s at play that’s bigger then you or us?

This may be the first personal growth workshop you ever attended that culminates in a comedic performance full of truth-telling and transformation!

If you’re sick of the “hard work” and the seriousness teachers approach healing with, this process is for you.

Salvatore Manzi of Feng Shui Life Mapping“I’ve been having a great ride since our journey! Hard to explain, but there’s been a huge shift in my life with your work and a soul retrieval I just did… and it’s like my head was on crooked before. Thank you so much for your beautiful and healing work!!! Shine on!”

– Salvatore Manzi, Feng Shui Life Mapping (Salvatore did a one-on-one creativity coaching session with me)

“But what if…?”
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I want to change my relationships, but I don’t really want to do the work? Ha!  That’s funny already! I imagine you could be just a little scared of how amazing your life could be.
  • What if I’m not funny?  That’s good! If you’re suffering, and you tell the truth about it, and you’re taking yourself lightly…. people will relate to you and laugh.
  • What if I don’t want to get up and take the stage? Can I just do the workshop?  Taking the stage is a metaphor for stepping out into the world. You’re at the stage that it’s time to take the stage.
  • What if the things that happened to me or that I did were really embarrassing? What if I can’t talk about that in front of people I know?  The worse it was, the better it gets. This is an opportunity to clean your slate.
  • But there are a lot of other workshops out there for people with “love troubles.” Why should I take this one? One word: humor. If you’re tired of taking yourself seriously, if you’re tired of the airy-fairy healing approach, if you’re tired of the struggle and strife of trying to “change,” this is the workshop for you.

Cutting the strings loose and finding freedom and love

 I walked away feeling lighter and more hopeful. I’ve turned a corner!

Dr. Susan Bernstein” Working with Alicia, I felt totally welcome. We meditated and then she listened to the issues I was facing.

She created a framework where I could work through these issues, and it was both super creative and compassionate. I walked away feeling lighter and more hopeful. Yes, she uses a great technique. But so much of the experience is Alicia and the person she is — intuitive, heartful, and caring. Thank you Alicia! : ) ”

— Dr. Susan Bernstein, Work from Within (Susan had a Family Constellation led by Alicia)


“I was amazed to see how much of a difference Alicia’s workshop made. The pace of my project accelerated, and I witnessed two blocked writers suddenly become prolific and a singer return to music for the first time in years.” 

Jason Fisher

“I find Alicia to be amazingly present, compassionate, gracious, playful, and vivacious.Working with Alicia is inspiring, effective, and fun, and she maintains a safe and comfortable space for creative and personal exploration and unfolding. Her ideas have helped me tremendously along my journey.”

— Jason Fisher, The World Peace Game (Jason took a Creativity Course with Alicia)

Did You Know Your Higher Self is Calling You?

Truthfully, who knows how much time we all have left to express our hearts fully in this life? Not because some ‘terrible fate’ awaits us all ….The call to self love is now because this is what your Soul is craving … and boy, does it want and need you to come alive… Yes, your Highest Self has your vibrant future waiting for you. And it may take a declaration of this magnitude to open your ears and your heart to hear their guidance.


This is the work you may need if you’ve ever had any of these thoughts or feelings:


You’ve yearned your whole life to be on stage and express yourself

You “lose yourself” in relationships, and don’t know how to pull yourself out of their grip, over-analyzing, over-thinking, and generally taking yourself too seriously

You know there’s more to love than the empty feeling you currently have… but don’t know how to get it

You are boring your friends and possibly even your therapist with the same stories about love every week

You have a crazy family–and you know joking about your childhood will help you take them–or you–less seriously

You’re an incredible woman, but for some reason relationships always go the same way: bad, and you long for a change

You used to be creative, self-expressed, and powerful and you miss who you use to be

You’ve had a spiritual awakening… and now you wonder how to translate that into a shift in your love life

There is something bigger and more powerful that you are meant to do on earth… but your love life is getting in the way

“Why did I wait so long??  This was exactly what I needed.”

“This work brought me back in tune with a part of myself that I had lost.
I felt more grounded, focused and healed from the process.”

Where is The Oy to Joy Workshop?

Bay Area, California

A Beautiful, Convenient … and More Peaceful Location for Oy to Joy!

Sunny Oakland California is a special location–just 15 minutes from San Francisco, but miles away vibrationally; the East Bay is warmer and more relaxed than the City. The workshop is conveniently located just a few blocks from a BART station, so it’s easy to get to whether you’re in SF, the North Bay, or anywhere in the East Bay.

How to Know if The Oy to Joy Workshop is Right For You:

If you’re concerned that you’re not ready or don’t know how to really do this… then Oy to Joy is actually perfect for you. It’s truly a ‘sorting out’ place where you get far deeper clarity on that elusive, but powerful sense of self you are here to claim. On the other hand – if you know your “problem” clearly but just need more ‘mojo’ to move yourself out of an old pattern around love, you’ll find that here as well. Think of “Oy to Joy” as a place for spiritually-oriented women to surrender more deeply to your innate gifts, wherever you are in your love life. If you feel it in your gut that you are meant to be here… then you are.

Here’s what you get with the Oy to Joy Performance Workshop:

Seven weeks of 90 minute Higher Self Coaching Sessions with Alicia in person or via Skype

Two 90 minute Family Constellations Sessions with Alicia in person or via Skype

Three 10 minute check-in calls with Alicia

Want to start now?
Here’s what you get RIGHT NOW:

It is my pleasure to offer you all of the following the moment you enroll in One-on-One Oy to Joy coaching with Alicia. My aim is to help you ‘prime the pump’ so that you can come to our first session ready to dive right in:

A discussion board connecting you with creative and unique folks just like you

A powerful flow of guided information from Alicia that will help you more forward to just where you need to be next, next and next in your journey

An engaging guide that provides additional material, resources, ideas and empowering content … so you’ll continue to get value in between each session

22 Secrets to Divine Creativity eBook

Three meditations to shift the focus of your energy & brilliance so you have more laughter and lightness in your life

Pay in full by April 9 and BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE

A 90 minute Family Constellations Session with Alicia in person or via Skype

Sign up by April 14 and get this bonus:

A 90 minute Family Constellations Session with Alicia in person or via Skype

Register for the The Oy to Joy Workshop

The investment of this journey into your sense of humor, perspective, and self is now only $797.

This is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret – You have my word.

In fact, this price — even ­without the Bring a Friend for Free Special –- is substantially lower than just about any other live weekend event around. And given the unique nature of Oy to Joy, which is like a relationship workshop and a solo performance workshop rolled into one, that’s saying a lot!

Or You Can Bring a Friend … for FREE!

You know what’s seriously fun — and practical? Making shifts like this in the company of a dear pal or even a new friend. I am delighted to invite you to share the love here and bring a good friend.

Best of all — you’re in it together! You can do the exercises together (though it’s always great to connect with new like-minded others at these events.) You can room together. You can fan out, schmooze, and bring together a whole new group of fun people for you to befriend and enjoy. Alternatively, this is also a particularly great opportunity for you to have a little ‘getaway time’ from your regular friends–bring someone you’ve just met!

Finally, when you leave the event, you’ll leave with a support structure in place. Now you know who you can call as you implement what you’ve learned and move forward on your own oy to joy quest. Such support is so wonderful – it really helps you keep the mojo going long after you leave!

1 Dive-In Payment of $497


3 Easy Peasy Payments of $187

Alicia Dattner’s Totally Reassuring Guarantee

It is my passionate commitment to serve you 100–no make that 111 per cent with this work — and I want to make sure it’s a fit for you. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with The Oy to Joy Performance Workshop, you are welcome to a 100% money back guarantee until the end of the second week. All you have to do is ask and your money will be refunded, no questions asked. Your refund will be issued within one week to your credit card.

If I am meant to help you in this task, please sign up now. The transformation really does begin the minute you sign up. (If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll notice a new confidence and clarity in your relationships already!) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this fully. It is truly my greatest pleasure to serve you.

In love and laughter,

Alicia Dattner

The Oy to Joy Performance Workshop

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