I Can’t Stop Thinking about Tony…

by Alicia Dattner on April 3, 2012

The Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy group from Canada in the 90’s had some brilliant things to say about love addiction. This sketch has stayed in my mind for twenty years–I just watched it again, and it made me laugh out loud (which is hard to do). It’s so over-the-top, but SO ARE LOVE ADDICTS. Have you ever felt this way? I totally did.

Obsessing over men was a pastime, an occupation, an anesthetic, a distraction, and a talent. I used to pride myself on my taste–that somehow my connection with them, even if it was just that I appreciated their finest qualities, enriched me. It was like, “I have obsessed about some of the hottest and most interesting men around, so I must also be incredibly hot and interesting.”  Funny.

Enjoy the video. Let yourself laugh. And if you’re fortunate enough not to understand these ladies, bless you–you’re lucky.

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