Juicy Aliveness

Blessed One, You’re right where you need to be. I see what you really want is to have the experience of feeling yourself, your essence. You’ve felt this with others, reflecting your essence, reflecting the divine in you, and you’re trying to see it in them. But then your divinity depends on their presence. And […]


Reclaim Your Power, Part 4 of 4

by Alicia Dattner on December 27, 2011

First off, take note that this is an advanced move–and a move that’s particular for people who tend to err toward the side of being disconnected rather than overly-connected. It’s not to be toyed with when you’re just attempting to become sexually sober–you can get yourself back into trigger-land and find yourself browsing the digital […]


Crying is so good for you, Part 2 of 2

by Alicia Dattner on December 16, 2011

Sometimes, however, I forget I’m a crier, and I get in this mindset that I have to keep up appearances… I go through dry spells that last weeks or months… Maybe I’m working with someone, and I think, “People don’t cry at work!” Or maybe I’m with my partner, and I think, “I shouldn’t be […]


What are you waiting for?

by Alicia Dattner on November 30, 2011

“When I find my man, my life is going to be so perfect.” None of us says this out loud, right? Unless we’re making fun of some desperate chick who actually thinks that. But addiction to love works subtly and powerfully. It can be occurring to us right under our noses, without us even realizing it. One of the […]